Defending Europe


Atomic TV lands debut commission with Nat Geo series

Zinc label, Atomic TV to produce six-part military history series about defensive borders for Disney-owned brand, National Geographic.

A 6 x 60-minute series showcasing how stories and sites played a pivotal role in shaping the borders and countries of Europe as we know them today. Each episode will focus on a different country and delve into the critical moments when each nation’s survival was threatened, investigating how defensive sites kept that country safe, forged and defined its national borders and built the character and identity of its people.

Experts will explore the engineering and impressive scale of the defensive fortifications, weapons and strategies that were developed to defend borders and they will track how these tactics evolved to counter new threats and technologies.

The series will cover more than two millennia of history and feature locations that tie into some of the biggest names and moments in European history, from the Roman Empire to Hitler’s conquest of Europe. Medieval kings and queens and Napoleon Bonaparte are also among the figures chronicled in the show.

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